News of the missing

More than a few times I’ve seen this question on message boards and in conversations among horror fans.

What happened to Rick Hautala?

For those who don’t remember, Rick Hautala was the other horror witer from Maine. He wrote fast-paced horror thrillers like Little Brothers and The Mountain King.

And then he was gone.

There were rumors about pen names, but no word from the man himself. Well, good news. Hautala is back and this time he’s bringing movies. Hautala and producer Mark Steensland announced that have acquired the film rights to James Newman’s novel Animosity.

Mucho coolo.


1 Comment

  1. Rick’s been around, and busy. His last few novels were great “quiet” ghost-story type tales, written under the psuedonym A.J. MATTHEWS.

    I couldn’t be more pleased, re: ANIMOSITY. His screenplay rocks. 🙂


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