Eliza Dushku sees hope for Dollhouse renewal

eliza-dushku-dollhouse-2I have mixed feelings about Joss Whedon’s new series, Dollhouse. On one hand it stars Eliza Dushku a woman who defines hotness, it’s clever, and there are questions about the Dollhouse that still need to be answered.

On the other hand it’s unnecisarily obtuse, the very concept is creepy in the extreme, and most of the supporting characters are annoying. Still I’d rather see the show on the air than gone so I was somewhat pleased to see that Eliza Dushku who is also the producer of the show sees some hope.

“It’s a little complicated, because episode 13 sort of, in a way, could be seen as the ending of something, and episode 12 could be seen as taking the show into another year,” Dushku said in a group interview on Wednesday night in Hollywood, where she sat on a panel discussing the show at the Paley Festival. “So that’s sort of my vision of it. We’re still waiting to hear but feeling neither like it’s a nail in the coffin nor like it’s hope for another season. We’re all waiting.”

“There’ve been some changes inside Fox I don’t know if you’re aware of,” Dushku added. “I think Friday nights were a difficult night. Now we have Prison Break coming in, and we’ve been keeping our audience. It’s not just a Nielsen world anymore. They factor in DVR. They factor in iTunes and Hulu, and we seem to have a pretty rich, pretty strong fan base. People are really getting into the show and [creating good] word of mouth, and the shows are getting more and more complicated and twisted. I feel like people are talking about it even more, and hopefully that gets back to the folks at Fox.”

from: SCIFIWire



  1. what the heck has nosferatu got to do with twilight the mythology has nothing to do with the other other than the blood thing, please get it right bram stokers dracula was something to be feared twilight is a twisted tale of that

  2. Hi, Melissa,

    The pic from Nosferatu is part of the site logo.

    This sight is not about the Twilight Books — it is or rather was, for now a general horror info site. Thanks for playing. Buh-bye.

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