Harper’s Island Update

harpers_island_villainThe body count at Harper’s Island is at 6 now and the good guys are finally starting to catch on that something is seriously wrong. The bride’s father is still a jerk and there’s still lots of easily disposable characters. I’m thinking that black guy with dreads and fat guy are just begging to end up with their heads on a stick somewhere in the forest. The sheriff received a taunting note from the killer and Abby is still putting herself in harm’s way the way all good last girls do.

I still think the series is missing something — spontaneity, maybe? I just can’t help wondering what a real wunderkind like J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon would have done with this. The Pacific Northwest location also reminds me of David Lynch’s awesome work on Twin Peaks and the comparison is not flattering to Harper’s Island.

The show is worth watching. It’s just not great.


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