Abrams and Lindelof on King’s Dark Tower

OK. This one is fucking huge. JJ Abrams owns the movie rights to The Dark Tower. And he’s saying that after Lost ends he and Damon Lindelof will take on King’s epic dark fantasy as their next project.

“Damon Lindelof and I talked to Mr. King,” Abrams told IGN while promoting the upcoming “Star Trek” film. “We got the rights for [‘Dark Tower’] as a film. Damon is obviously still on ‘Lost’ and we’ve been working on ‘Star Trek’ together. As soon as ‘Lost’ is done, hopefully we’ll begin tackling that.”

The Dark Tower is probably the great epic American fantasy novel, and after the Lord of the Rings, the great epic fantasy novel from anywhere, and, between film and TV, JJ Abrams is proving to be the great fantasy film maker.


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