This’ll scare the poop out of you

Our Japanese brethren — always at the forefront of experimental distribution — are distributing the latest book by Koji Suzuki, best known for Ring, on a roll of toilet paper. Each roll of butt wipe contains several copies of Suzuki’s Drop.

Drop is a horror novella set in a public toilet, takes up about 3 feet of TP, and is 9 chapters long. The scoopy poopy wipes sells for about $2.20 a roll.


Slade apologizes for anti-Twilight Twitter

Ever wonder why David Slade’s Twitter page disappeared after he got the job directing Twilight Eclipse?

Could it be because of this Tweet:

Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.

Hmm. Possibly.

Slade issued an apology for slagging Twilight. I’m sure all the Twilight fans are feeling much better.

Ghost Chaser Hans Holzer has died

hansholzerHans Holzer, the Viennese parapsychologist and author of more than a hundred books on the Occult and supernatural has passed away. Holzer investigated hauntings along with a medium.

He claimed a doctorate in parapsychology at an elusive London College of Applied Science and taught Parapsychology at New York Institute of Technology.

MySpace Horror Movie Portal

MySpace has added a horror movie portal to the site. Not surprising — there is a huge contingent of horror writers, filmmakers, and fans on the network.

Now they’ve added a portal that features content on horror here.

Zodiac Killer Named?

zodiac_killerSFist has a story that names Guy Ward Hendrickson as the infamous hooded killer. The accuser is his daughter who says that her father took her along on some of the killings, that she embroidered his mask and that once he hid a gun in the back of her pants.

The catch? This is a recovered memory. So for years this woman went along never knowing that her father was a killer and then suddenly she remembered it. It reminds me of the former LA cop who is convinced that his father was the Black Dahlia killer. Seems like some people resolve their daddy issues by blaming Daddy for serial killings.

from: SFist

Peter Brett wrote The Warded Man on Subway

*Apr 21 - 00:05*According to The New York Daily News Peter Brett wrote his dark fantasy novel, The Warded Man, on the F-Train riding from his home in Brooklyn to his job in Manhattan. His writing implement? A smart phone!

“I wrote over 100,000 words on the train,” he said.

The novel is about three characters fighting killer demons who roam the world at night, and is the first of a trilogy. Interesting way to write a book and the book seems to be something that would appeal to horror fans.

from: NY Daily News

TwiHards — Get your group on in Dallas

The first ever Twilight Convntion is on the way to the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The 3 day event will take place on July 30 – August 2. The registration fee is $255 and the hotel will set you back $139 per night.

Look for panel discussions and the chance to hang with some of the actors — including Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathborne, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Mike Welch and Christian Serrato, and a Volturi Masquerade Ball. Romantico!