Holy Crap! A Buffy movie without Whedon?!

85414-BUffy_movie_341x182That Buffy movie could be happening — it just might be happening without Joss Whedon and be based on the original Buffy movie starring Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry and Peewee Herman.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Fran Kuzui, the original producer/director is in talks with Vertigo Studios about the project. How could this happen without Joss Whedon’s involvement? Well Fran Kuzui bought the screenplay from the then unknown Whedon and she has owned the rights ever since. Kuzui received executive producer credit on the Buffy and Angel TV series.

I can now say definitively kids, there will be a Buffy movie, but it won’t be what you wanted.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is done

terminator-sccFox has canceled it’s Terminator TV series. The ratings had dropped significantly, but I find this strange. It seems that the new big screen Terminator would have bumped the series ratings.

Vampire Diaries coming to CW

It’s official — the vampire diaries is coming to the CW television network. No surprise here after the success of Twilight.

The CW’s Supernatural is awesome — here’s hoping the the Vampire Diaries is at least kind of good.

from: Shock Till You Drop

Dollhouse dodges the bullet

eliza-dushku-dollhouse-2 All reports are that Dollhouse has been renewed for next season. The news is that Fox approved a 13 week season, shorter episodes and Joss Whedon demonstrated he could run the show on a lower budget.

Supposedly there are other changes in the works as well. We’ll report as the news comes out.

Still hope for Dollhouse

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog that fans of Fox’s endangered Dollhouse shouldn’t lose hope: Despite crappy ratings, the show is still alive, and creator Joss Whedon pitched the network on his vision for season two late last week, with discussions between Fox and the studio about how to make the show work financially.

Extreme Paranormal on A&E

A&E, which is rapidly moving from Arts and Entertainment to Apparitions and Entities, will be sporting a new spook show later this year called Extreme Paranormal.

According to the Pittsburgh Form Blog:

“In “Extreme Paranormal” – Shaun, Nathan, and Jason are irreverent paranormal explorers who investigate chilling local legends, attempting to seek the truth by provoking spirits. Unlike other paranormal investigators, they put themselves directly in harm’s way – taunting ghosts, summoning the dead and daring the demonic to attack.

“Extreme Paranormal” gives rabid paranormal fans the ride they’ve always wanted: the chance to follow a team that dares to challenge legends, curses, and hauntings by actually attempting to provoke paranormal activity.”

It’s not just the Paranormal… it’s Extreme Paranormal!

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